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Biodanza-Spezialmodul des Minotaurus Projekts
mit Hubertus Scheidlberger​

Ein Wochenende im Waldviertel
Freitag, 23. bis Sonntag, 25. Februar 2024

Feel what it feels like to leave the beaten path to get into the daily adventure of "life & love", liveliness, joy, touch, sensuality and slowness. Trust, feel and let in on what can be experienced in purposefully guided exercises, with the appropriate music, in intuitive movement or in dance. Immerse first in yourself, then with your partner or other participants and get to know something new. Feel and protect your limits and those of the others and dare to extend them carefully. The empathic togetherness and the openness as the basis for your and your experience are always the focus. This makes it possible to feel the pleasure in daily life and to integrate more and more.


You can expect a familiar framework without taboo topics. Everything can be topic and everything can be talked about. Partnership, sex, slow sex, love, joy or even concerns and fears. For people who want to dive into the depths - meet others openly and like to meet with kind people with heart and mind.


"Sensual Bodyflow One"

every 14 days in the institute "leben eben",

Gentzgasse 6/2, 1180 Vienna


Thursday,  18:45 until 22:30


Details and themes you will find in our calendar.

Wir freuen uns auf Dich, Hubertus  

Beginn Freitag 15:00
Ende Sonntag 16:00​

€ 380,-
€ 330,-​ (für Vereinsmitglieder)

Übernachtungen & Verpflegung sind nicht im Seminarpreis enthalten  - bitte direkt bei Monika Gaugusch reservieren:

Tel.: 0650 77 83 284

3814 Aigen 3a
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